Captain America and The Avengers Trade Blows with Hydra and The Thunderbolts

In the game of HeroClix, players face off against each other with teams comprised of iconic heroes and villains from different universes. DC and Marvel are the most prominent properties in this game having several sets focused on their characters released each year. The latest set has Captain America teaming up with heroes like Spider-Man against the Thunderbolts and Hydra.

MacNarb Gaming in Gautier, MS held a prerelease event for the latest set. Players were allowed to purchase two boosters and build a team. Each figure has a certain point value that adds to a team total. For this tournament, the total number of points could not exceed 400. With some sets, this may mean as few as two or three figures might be on a team, but today most teams easily had four to six. Players attributed this to the many low point utility pieces that can help make the game more interesting with strategy versus just Hulk running up and smashing everything.

” My favorite piece that I’ve pulled so far has been the rare #043 Hawkeye because I think he has a great set of powers and beautiful stats. Him having triple bolts is amazing.” -Gavin

In total, the tournament had four rounds of play to determine the winner. Each player gets to play through the entire tournament, but your overall ranking is based on your wins and accumulated score from defeating opposing figures. In some cases, an early loss in a tournament can actually prove beneficial when there are many players, but in today’s event the winner turned out to be undefeated.

“I had the pull of the day with Thor. Once I saw I had 2 Power Elite characters to round it off I felt good about it. Playing the team was just making smart decisions and using the powers I had effectively. This is a very good set for the sealed tournament format. There are many low point commons and uncommons that have very good traits.”-Brad

The tournament had a great showing and a friendly environment, despite some issues with the wording of a few new cards. In the end, the players started a new quicker format of play called a Battle Royale, where players would open a booster, pick a figure, and pass to another player to pick a figure. Groups of four are able to build five figure teams this way and the pod of players go all out to score as many points as possible before their team is eliminated. The players then put all the figures they pulled into the center of the table with top score picking the first prize and so forth.

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