Is This The Gorillaz Series We’ve Been Waiting For?

The beloved virtual band Gorillaz has been exploding with creative flare over the last few years. Their latest project is a series of music videos under their “Song Machine” moniker. Each episode seems to consist of a single featuring artists like Slowthai and Fatoumata Diawara with animation continuing the band’s storyline as its seen major changes in recent years.

The first episode gives an inside look at the recording of Momentary Bliss. While the the human talent are busy at work, the scenes are composed with cameos from the Gorillaz themselves dancing and singing. This also offers the cleanest designs to date of the characters with notable shading and detail that’s been missing during their time as CGI animations.

Following up with artist Fatouma, Desole seems to show the return of not only Murdock to the group, but a newly renovated Kong Studios. Desole, translated into english as “sorry,” has a very relaxing vibe and visuals to match. Damon Albarn, Fatouma, and 2-D are enjoying themselves on the water while Murdock seems to be coming to terms that his bandmates may have moved on without him. Murdock has had a sorted past with the characters, though originally forming the band, his abusive tendencies and criminal behavior had him absent from the latest album The Now Now, to be replaced by Ace (of the Power Puff Girls cartoon). The beautifuly scenery, melodic tunes, and haunting visuals of massive monsters hidden in the misty landscape make Desole a standout product.

Just released in April, Aries, featuring Peter Hook and Gerogia, has the band riding through what seems to be a coastal town. The visuals of the town seem to be edited into an inverted aesthetic where the sky is a dark brown with a black sun. The majority of the animation has 2-D and Murdock riding on a motorcycle, seemingly to have made up as friends. Noodle confides in Rus that she is worried about 2-D and seems distraught to find him with Murdock. The song itself seems to be about mending relationships, but also understanding the poison that comes with it. This is emphasized through the chorus and the final shot of Murdock pulling a syringe with an evil grin.

Let’s Hope For More

Additionally, the Gorillaz are releasing smaller audio bites of the characters interacting with themselves and other collaborators. If they maintain their release schedule, we can hope for a new episode each month. We’ll be doing additional writeups about each video as they’re released, so be sure to subscribe for updates!

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