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New Improvements Coming To The Site

We’ve stayed busy working on the content for Digital Break, no doubt, but we’ve gone back and forth over the website since the premiere.  A few days before the series aired, the decision was abruptly made to pull the website down and completely rework it as what had already been posted was now outdated due to our project’s natural evolution.  The updates were slower than we hoped and the site dragged on for a bit, but now we’re at a place we’re comfortable with and just want the fans to know we’ll be adding not only new content but updated features as we grow.


We’re in the progress of getting the show pages built for the ones currently on air.  You’ll be able to go back and watch any episodes we’ve already aired and in the case of outside production such as Puffin Forest and End of the Line Cinema, links to the original work and uploads will be provided with full credit given.  Make no mistake about it, Ben has been working on his series, Puffin Forest, longer than Digital Break the series was a concept and it’s only with his and other creatives’ permission that we are able to share their great content with you.


Each month we’ll be holding a new giveaway or contest for fans.  We’ll try to make them as easy and open to the public as possible.  Any information collected by us will only be used to contact our winners and share updates about Digital Break.  For any contest dealing with physical prizing, we’re limited to the lower 48 states, but we will be doing digital prizes in the near future including movies, video games, and music.

Online Store

The last piece of the puzzle is our online merchandise.  Currently, visitors are able to shop on an external site for Digital Break swag and we stand by that company for providing quality products, but in the future, we’ll be integrating the shopping into the website so you’ll never have to leave.  Profit from the shop goes right back into show production so you’re supporting film students and growing this project.

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