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Thanks for The Great Premiere

Just like the title says, thank you to everyone who messaged us, emailed the station, and called when you realized what you were looking at on TV was real.  Local TV believes the only kind of shows that matter are hunting, fishing, or real estate.  The idea of putting a bunch of gamers and geeks promoting the stores and hobbies they love on tv seemed so foreign every time we pitched the idea over the years.  We’re glad to finally give the show a home with WXVO Ocean 7 in Ocean Springs and they worked with us in every possible way to help pave the premiere’s success.  We’ve really tapped into a potential market that has gone unrecognized by the media for far too long in our area.  None of this would be possible if it weren’t for our awesome sponsors MacNarb Gaming, Jaks, Play & Talk, and Panda’s Pair O Dice.

We’re going to break the show up and post individual segments with a little explanation of each one.

So the obvious question is why does it look like Toonami?  We love Toonami & Adult Swim, it’s what introduced an entire generation to their lifelong favorite series.  Toonami in the 2000’s was unlike anything else on television and we wanted to bring some of that to Digital Break.  The original plan was to have a chubby astronaut serve as a comedic host with maybe only five animations to choose from.  Last minute that plan didn’t come to fruition so what ended up happening was a mad rush to find something to serve as our intro.  It sort of all fell in together and we developed several animations to use with new ones on the way from a very talented 3d artist.  I put out a call for emergency voice work and one of our producers stepped up to the plate and sent over the entire script at around 3am and so “Havarti” the astronaut was born.

Let’s be frank, Game Time is our bread and butter.  The stores we feature each week are the ones that make this entire project possible.  We’ll be featuring four stores each month with segments about Heroclix, Magic, Gundam, Poke’mon, and more.  If you have a game group or some cool ideas you’d like to share with us, just hit us up on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you.  Our goal is to show how great these venues are and get people in the stores having some fun!.

Big shout out to our friend Squid and his band Junkmail Confetti for being the first music featured on Digital Break.  We’re all about supporting local artists, so send something our way!

We can’t say enough nice things about Ben and his work on Puffin Forest.  Great guy with an incredible sense of humor that drives his stories home each and every time.  We knew we wanted animation to be featured, but finding a cartoon can be difficult.  Puffin Forest’s take on rpg’s and life seemed to mesh well with what we wanted to push on Digital Break so we contacted Ben for broadcast approval and now here we are.  We highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel and subscribing to Puffin Forest.  Below are the two videos we showed, but pulled from his channel.  We only have Broadcast permission so we cannot upload his videos to our channel or facebook.

Part of Digital Break is covering pop culture and interviewing guests that we feel the gaming community would enjoy seeing on tv.  We were very happy to have John R. Mangus appear as our first guest on the show given his history with Star Wars and as an actor.

We’ve decided to make a few changes to our Pop Talk format.  We feel these changes would help the show flow much better.

From Pop Talk we’ll always go into our film for the evening.  Keeping with the space theme and astronauts we wanted to present Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon.  Several notable actors play key roles in this short film so take a look.

Our premiere ended with a thank you from Havarti to those who tuned in and supported our premiere.  We signed off with a call to action for those who enjoyed it to reach out to the station manager and you did not disappoint!  We appreciate all of our fans and want to build a show that you’ll enjoy and want to share with friends.  We’re open to suggestions so feel free to talk to us anytime!

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