Art That Reminds You How Much You Love The Iron Giant

Whether official products or fan-driven creations, the art we associate with films can remind us of the emotional connection we have with them.

Released in 1999, The Iron Giant is an American animated science fiction film and directorial debut of Brad Bird. Set in the Cold War in 1957, the film follows the young protagonist Hogarth, who befriends a benevolent metal being from space.

We learn that the metal monster was damaged during its landing and is beginning life anew on Earth. Through meeting Hogarth and making friends, the Iron Giant shows itself to be a being with a gentle and kind nature to all life on Earth.

Unfortunately, when the Cold War paranoia boils over and the US Government attacks the Giant, its programming from before meeting his friends begins to kick in again and he’s faced with the duality of being a weapon for war or being himself.

The film flopped in theaters leaving a bad taste in Warner Bros. mouth. Despite the positive critical response, the film is cited as a primary example of why not to deviate from formulas or produce family films that go beyond a simple happy ending.

Let us know in the comments what did you think of The Iron Giant? Is it just one of the dozens of cartoon movies just good enough for cable reruns or a cult classic worth a watch with its final message to the audience, “You are who you choose to be.”

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  1. I really liked this movie because it had a giant robot in it. Only as an adult did I really understand everything that was going on within the movie. It’s really a classic.

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