Deadly Garden Introduces New Plant Monsters To Your Dungeons & Dragons Games

Deadly Garden is the latest project devised by fantasy illustrator Paige Connelly. It combines her love of gaming and passion for drawing fantastical beasts and monsters. This new project introduces thirteen original creations with full statistics ranging from pesky minions to fearsome flora, all compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

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Paige Connely has exhibited merit as a very talented illustrator of the fantastical. Her portfolio of goblins and other monsters display a knack for creating characters with emotions. Her previous projects, Songs of Fablewood and Parade of Wisps, feature interesting characters that appear ready to jump off the pages and into your d&d campaign.

Songs of Fablewod features Otis the goblin bard

Connely’s folklorish art style lends well with her creatures in Deadly Garden. The project started out as a collection of simple sketches but soon evolved into a book of ideas and fleshed out designs. Her Kickstarter is already fully funded, but with time still remaining, now is your chance to get the first issue of what Paige is planning to be a series of monster zines.

Original sketch of the Pumpkinholder

Paige is excited that people are backing her project and helping bring her creations to games and terrorize players. If you miss your chance to pre-order Deadly Garden, be sure to visit Paige’s website where you can order her previous projects as well as Deadly Garden soon.

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