Dungeons & Dragons is Very Popular in Gautier, MS

Dungeons & Dragons is an insanely popular tabletop roleplaying game that now spans generations of fans and with series such as The Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things, has really become a norm in pop culture. Evidence of this can be seen at maCnarB Gaming located in Gautier, MS.

Pat Thompson has been running Dungeons and Dragons for some time at the shop. He’s part of organized play events called Adventurer’s League, where players all run through the same set of adventures all over the nation. During each season, players have the ability to take their character from one game store and jump into campaigns at another with minimal adjustment. This is a great benefit for those who travel or must move around due to military obligations.

Young, old, experienced, or even if you’ve never played before, Greg Spanier, the owner, opens his doors as if you’ve always been part of the community and helps get everyone situated. There are so many games being played at the store any given day, they have to keep a calendar of who’s running what and when. So if you’ve ever wanted to try D&D, take it from Kaleigh Randall who after trying out the game as part of a first date, believes you’ll meet some of the greatest people gaming.

If you want to learn more about maCnarB gaming, check out their FaceBook page and send them any questions you may have!

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