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Half Way There & What Happens Next

We’ve had a great run this season on Digital Break. We’ve had the privledge of meeting several interesting people and working with them to promote their projects and share them with you, our viewers. In fact, you’re the best part of this whole journey.

We really do appreciate the feedback you’ve sent us through email, facebook, and reaching out in person to our different crew members. We enjoy putting out this content, but at the end of the day, if there’s nobody watching, there isn’t a point… and sponsors feel the same.

Through this half of the season, we’ve featured several game stores-MacNarbs, Jaks, Panda’s, and Play & Talk. Each one offers a different gaming community and focuses on different games. One of our goals was to help share experiences from those gaming communities and help promote not just the games, but the stores that offer everyone a venue to enjoy themselves.

So the big questions that keep coming up whenever the crew has time to meet and discuss are the future plans for Digital Break. Television is expensive and the show generated enough revenue this season to cover its airtime, but not much more. The return on that investment includes the fact we have sponsors in the first place and the viewership that’s grown. I sometimes think that if we’d had the same budget and focused only on online distribution, we would obviously have a greater online presence.

So after our contract is up, we have two options. We can pull the block from television and focus completely online or double down on TV and negotiate more coverage. It’s a possibility we may end up with Digital Break airing four to seven nights a week. That would also make us one of the few local shows to have that much play.

The initial goal for Digital Break was to show that there was a market for the geeky and interesting on television. We’ve had a lot of fun putting the shows together and we try to keep it very entertaining. Even when it comes to commercials, each one was hand selected and chosen from a variety based on what we thought would keep people entertained even during the commercial breaks.

So that’s where we are and what we have planned. When we go to the table to negotiate our new season we’ll push for multiple nights for around the same price we’re paying now. We feel we’ve brought a lot of value to the station we’re shown by attracting a younger audience and providing new content weekly for air.

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