Local Shop Shows Gundam Fans How To Take Their Paint Skills To The Next Level

Bringing Model Makers Together

We had a great turn out. Special thanks to Hobby Town Mobile for taking this photo.

Have you ever wanted to airbrush, but didn’t know where to start?

Most people can’t deny that an airbrushed model kit looks great. Even if the kit is molded in color, like most Gunpla, a coat of airbrushed paint can make a word of difference as well as open the door to customization. Compared to other painting methods, it offers more control and uses less paint.  If you have the right safety equipment you can Airbrush indoors and reduce exposure to humidity, saving your paint job. Although airbrushing has a higher cost up front, it is definitely the most efficient way to paint if you are an avid model maker. Airbrushing is also fairly easy once you get the hang of it. The only downside is figuring out where to start.

chaoswind_ demonstrating how to take an airbrush apart.

Back in January my friend Travis (A.K.A. @chaoswind_ on instagram) asked if I was interested in helping teach an airbrushing class to the members of our local model making group. We decided to do a class every Saturday in the month of February. My friend Isaiah made arrangements for us to use the space at our local Hobby Town and provided extra equipment so that we would be prepared. So far the classes have been a huge success. I think we’ve done a good job of demystifying the process of airbrushing. Model makers are taking their work to the next step and charting new territory in their hobby. I can’t wait to see the entries at our next competition. 

It’s easier to learn with friends.

I asked Travis what inspired him to organize an in-person airbrushing class and his response made perfect sense:

“A friend of mine picked up an airbrush kit awhile ago.  He used it once and put it away. He said that he was unhappy with the results. We started talking and I realized that even just covering the basics, it’s a ton of information and can be intimidating.  I thought that the information would be easier to process with a ” hands on ” demonstration. A few of our members received airbrush kits during the holidays and I wanted to help them get started without the “intimidation factor”.  An airbrush class was the easiest way to get the information out there and let people get hands-on experience. It also lets people who don’t have an airbrush, or are on the fence about getting one, have a chance to try it out. I love airbrushing.  It’s probably my favorite part in the process of building. I just wanted others to be able to enjoy it too.” 


There is a lot to cover

Pun intended. So far in the class we have covered how the airbrush works, how to take it apart, how to use it, and even more advanced techniques, such as shading and candy coats. We’ve also looked at how to clean an airbrush and of course safety. This week we plan on covering how to use Matt, Gloss, and Satin topcoats.  If you would like to join us the next class will be 2/15/2020 at Hobby Town Mobile AL. On 2/29/2020 we will be hosting a “Into to Gunpla and Model Making” panel and a “Advanced Gunpla and Model Making with Airbrushing” panel at Pensacon with our friend Gunplagyaru.

I hope everyone reading this will be inspired to try something new in their model making hobby, weather it be tanks, planes, miniatures or mecha. Feel free to reach out for more details at and to join our facebook group: “Mobile Gunpla Syndicate”.

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