Looking Back on The Tron Films

The original 1982 Tron was a visual leap of faith and experiment with what was possible. The video-game fueled adventure starred Jeff Bridges as a stranger now in a strange place. Growing up in the ’90s, Tron was something you could enjoy on cable maybe once or twice a year, usually around the holidays. Though a commercial flop, the glowing colors and light cycles left an impression and children and the film became a cult classic.

When Disney announced Trong Legacy was coming to theaters, it really didn’t matter we couldn’t remember all that much about Tron’s story, because the visuals in our heads of archaic graphics had left such a great impression. Tron Legacy’s visuals, upon release, were top-notch (one of the first to use de-aging) and iconic elements from the first film made their return.

The film didn’t go on to produce the sequels its cult following had hoped for but gave us a milestone to look back on. With Tron Legacy almost a decade old and Bridges’ popularity rekindling more and more, there may come a time in the near future where Disney attempts to revitalize this IP, yet again.

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