Behind The Scenes

The Hunt for Bubba Truth

One of our biggest goals was to produce original content that was fun, fresh and nothing like it on tv in our area. Bubba Truth Paranormal Instigator is a show you’d never expect to see on local tv in Mississippi.

The show is driven by the enthusiastic Bubba as he explores locations and interviews regular people, somewhat on the strange side, about paranormal happenings in the area. The series is full of humor and great characters you hope to see again throughout the run.

Despite the random location jumps and silliness, the show has developed its own sense of rules of what the characters can do. Bubba appears to always wear an undershirt of whatever the topic of the episode is. The titular hero keeps his sunglasses on at all times to prevent the chances of a Rougarou (cajun werewolf myth) getting the drop on him. The most interesting rule is that every episode has a “Jimmy” character to be interviewed. These “Jimmies” usually have a nickname they go by such as JJ, Jimmy C. Calhoune, Dr. Jimmy, and Lady Jesma.

Overall, the show is good fun and meant to make audiences laugh. The concept of the show is to spoof or parody, the vast amount of paranormal/bigfoot hunting shows available. If you enjoy the paranormal, gibe Bubba Truth a watch.

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