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Growing up watching television, each network had special programming blocks that tried to make the experience immersive. Nickelodeon’s Snick probably did the best job with the studio parties, snick or treat, and just making it a dream to visit their studio. Cartoon network attempted to capture that same magic with animation blocks like Super Chunk and the Cartoon Planet.

It wasn’t until Cartoon Cartoon that they finally succeeded. The original programming was experimental and from the various incarnations of the block they finally reached the peak with Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. These immersive blocks of programming made Friday nights feel like a party when you were watching TV. The network was able to interact with you and this carried over to the wildly successful Toonami and Adult Swim blocks.

The level of interaction with the audience that networks before us have achieved is our ultimate goal. We want people to look forward to watching us. To keep an eye out for new episodes and message when they like something. Our goal is to make the best show possible and we want you to be involved in the process.

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