You’ve Never Seen Pokemon Like These Before

Pokemon is an international sensation with children and adults clamoring for cards, video games, and pretty much any Poke’property. The internet abounds with fan art of the various characters, but one designer has really kicked it up a notch.

Madow Tsai's Mechamon illustration of Steelix
Madow Tsai’s work really emphasizes Steelix’s Metal Type. Pick up a print here

Madow Tsai’s Mechamon illustration series has garnered a lot of praise and attention since he began working on it in 2016. He started the project very determined and pushed to complete several illustrations each day, followed by refinements over time.

He even launched a successful Kickstarter to put together his art in a hardbound book. Dozens of supporters helped fund the project. The original Mechamon book is almost two hundred pages featuring 151 mechanized characters and illustrates the process of designing them.

Madow Tsai's Mechamon illustration book volume 1 from kickstarter
The original Mechamon book is now available for regular purchase.

Madow Tsai attributes his relentless work in animation and design to his stubbornness. He wanted to do a series that his fans would really enjoy.

One thing I love about drawing robots, is that they are just a lot of boxes and tubes. Also, I thought people who could draw robots and cars were awesome when I was kid.

Madow Tsai's Mechamon illustration of larvitar
Checkout Madow Tsai’s website here

Madow Tsai’s philosophy is if you love drawing, don’t be afraid of showing people. There are always people who may dislike your work, but there are others that will really enjoy it. There’s no shortcut. You get better with every single project you take on and it shows through your process. He has to remind himself of this all the time so he promises it works!

Madow Tsai's Mechamon illustration of houndoom
For even more great art, be sure to check out Madow Tsai’s Instagram @Madow_art

With an abundance of other projects on his plate, Madow Tsai continues to put out new Mechamon designs on a regular basis. He has stated that the project is of course fun, but more importantly, he wants to instill in himself and others the importance of finishing a project you begin. His current goal is to release the second volume of his Mechamon illustrations.

To keep up with all of Madow Tsai’s projects and to see more great art, be sure to like his Facebook page and follow him on Instagram @madow_art .

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